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Lizzie Kate Crazy Caption Contest

Sent: February 27, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
It's only Wednesday but I couldn't wait to tell you about Lizzie Kate's CRAZY CAPTION CONTEST that just started today.

They're looking for another crazy caption, like "Big Girl Panties" that Linda can design into a new special edition kit. For the next three weeks they will be accepting entries for favorite phrases that can be designed into a kit.15 phrasesfrom all those submitted by Lizzie Kate and posted for voting.

Whoever is first to submit one or more of the 15 top phrases will receive a signed copy once it is designed.

Whoever's caption is selected by voters will win $100 in Lizzie*Kate products to be delivered through the needlework shop of their choice. (Hopefully, NEEDLE DELIGHTS!!).

Here's a link to read all about it and to see how to submit your idea. I would LOVE for one of you to win this contest! Let me know if you submit something!

BTW, Lizzie Kate has sold out of the Big Girl Panties kit but we do still have a few left in the shop if you're interested. Don't wait because ours will be sold out soon too!


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