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Leap Day Specials and Retreat Registration

Sent: February 28, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

Leap years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth's revolutions around the sun. Just think -
an extra day of stitching - that's 1,440 extra minutes of stitching!!!
Not only istomorrow Leap Day, it's also thefifth Friday of the month.It reminds me that I've ignored "Fun Friday" for far too long!! So in honor of Leap Day let's have some fun and a few specials!

1. For every $29 you spend (before tax & postage),you'll receive a "$5 Leap Day Coupon" that you canuse for future purchases (anytime in March or April). This offer good through midnight, Friday, February 29th!
2. 29% discount on any frog charts and any green threads.
3. Free "Luck of the Irish" and "Easter Blessings" charts to everyone who "leaps" into the shop or places an order over the phone or online. Charts will be available on Saturday also.

Note: If you order "frog" patterns online, the special price won't be reflected. We will do the discount at the shop when we charge your card.

The Needle Fair, A Stitching Retreat
It's almost time to register for the retreat. Leap Day gives those of you who came last year an extra day to sign up before registration opens to everyone on Saturday, March 1st. Most of you have already signed up. I've only heard from two people that they won't be able to attend this year.
The registration form is now online and you can print it out at:
You can go ahead and send them in or bring them to the shop on Saturday. If you're mailing a check this weekend, email me and I'll reserve your spot for a few days while the check is in the mail.
This email will be in lieu of the Weekly Friday Update. Tomorrow I'll be having a "Fun Friday" and leaping around the shop!!
If you'd like to stitch and hang out at the shop on Saturday, the room next door is available for Open Stitching - this is not a formal event; just drop in and stitch and see what's happening and stitch for awhile. Bring a brown bag if you'd like - the refrigerator is over there now (and out of my office- Yahoo!!). This is the last Saturday that the room will be somewhat empty and we might as well take advantage of the space! We'll be finishing up the painting this weekend and Liz's framing training will begin in earnest on Tuesday!
Leap, spring,skip,sprint, stride, saunter, stroll, bound, dart, dashorhop to the shop in the next couple of days - we'll see you soon!!
Kathy, Tonia, Kay& Liz

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