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Friday Update

Sent: March 7, 2008

Hi Stitchers!

It's Friday again and time for an update. If you haven't been to the shop in the last day or two, we've got a LOT of new displays!! The framing area is coming along - we're not quite ready to take in framing but we made a lot of headway this week. In the shop we've been moving things around, shifting furniture, adding a few antiques to make our cross stitch look better, and whew, we're tired! Come see the efforts. If you can't make it in, see the new pages for new patterns in cross stitch and needlepoint.

New in the Shop:

New Needlepoint (from Caron Collection)

I should be debuting a couple of new designs soon that I'm working on right now too. Until then, happy stitching!


Featured Design


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