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RE: Friday Update & Framing & More

Sent: March 14, 2008

Hi Stitchers!


It’s Friday again and “Life’s Great in 2008” – it’s the sentiment on the newest Shepherd’s Bush fob kit and I may have to stitch it up this weekend! It’s a great motto to try and live by. There’s also a “Green Snowman” kit that’s new from Shepherds Bush – darling and adorable, we have it in the shop.


The Framing Department has made great strides this week and tomorrow afternoon, we will begin taking in your work to be framed. Please know that we don’t have all our corner samples yet and that choices are somewhat limited. However, we are ready to do some work and want your pieces, especially the simple ones!!


Great new stuff continues to come in the door and I added a bunch of new stuff to the website today! The latest A-Z books are terrific to add to your reference library and there’s quite a variety of other great new goodies. Scroll down to Needle Delights Originals to see my latest canvas design “Tanzanite” which will be released next week. Also coming next week are new patterns from Victoria Sampler. “S is for Stitcher” is the latest in her alphabet sampler series and “Where Stitchers Gather” just reminds me of our Needle Delights stitching community. Let us know if you’d like to reserve either of these patterns – they’re on order.


Bella Bee and When Barnabee Met Bella arrived in the shop this week from Just Nan. The enamel Bee Box kit is very limited and I do have several extras at this point. If you didn’t order but want one, let me know ASAP!




This spring we are once again participating in the Needle and Thread:Stitching for Literacy Bookmark Challenge.  Encourage reading and share the joy of needlework as we help celebrate Children’s Book Week in May by stitching bookmarks and donating them to the local library. As an avid reader myself who loved going to the library as a youngster, this challenge is near & dear to my heart. Last fall we donated almost 30 bookmarks and it’s my hope that we’ll at least triple that number! To participate, stitch any bookmark from any pattern and turn it in to the shop between March 20th and May 8th. For more info & details, see



That’s it for today – don’t forget to sign up for the retreat this year! It’s going to be FUN!!! Here's a link to the registration form.






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