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Sent: April 5, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
I know it's not Friday but this is the "Friday Update"! I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for a week long vacation and it's hectic trying to get my desk clear to go! I'm truly going on vacation and will not be checking email until April 14th. The Shop WILL BE OPEN while I'm gone ....Tonia, Kay, and Liz will be happy to help you with anything you need - just give them a call at 850-478-8898 ortoll free at 888-633-3530. Better yet, go to the shop and visit them in person! Bring Liz some framing - her computerized mat cutter arrived this week and we'll be doing fabulous things with it. It'll cut lots of shapes and a great variety of mats - she'll be happy to show it to you!
The Stitch-In on May 3rd is now open for registration. As usual, the cost is $5.00. Everyone enjoyed the "Salad Sampler" so much the last time, we are doing something similar this time. I will be supplying the lettuce and salad dressings and will ask each of you attending to bring something to go on the "Salad Bar" (think tomatos, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, nuts, chicken, shrimp, cheese, croutons, etc, etc - you get the idea). When you reserve your space, let Tonia or Liz know what you'll be bringing so we can avoid duplication. Emily has offered to make a Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake and I know that will bea huge hit!
I've finishedstitching "Amethyst",the third inmy "Jewels & Gemstones" collection -it's kitted at the shop and you can call Tonia to have her send it to you this week.

I've started a new Counted Needlepoint Series and will tell you about it after my vacation - I have someone stitching it for me while I'm gone and can't wait to see it complete.
Not a lot of new stuff in the shop this week - I think some designers are saving it for the online show later this month. There is a great charted needlepoint book from Michele Roberts that could keep you stitching for years though! I'm going to enjoy this book!
New Needlepoint (scroll down to Michele Roberts):
There are new patterns on our Merchant Mall - check out the April listings to see everything released the last few weeks.
Happy Stitching - Talk to you when I return!


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