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RE: Friday Update & Framing & More

Sent: May 2, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
Another week has flown by. We've been busy unpacking all the orders from the Online Show and getting more new stuff in. I put over 50 items on the new page. We've got a great new assortment of Scissor Fobs and marking pins and the new Scissor Blocks are fun.
I finished the first design in my new canvas series "Edibles Collection" - it's called Peach Melba and the pattern will include a recipe for Peach Melba! These patterns are being named after Watercolours and they'll make you "Hungry to Stitch"! I'm having a great time working on them. The next two in the series are "Guacamole" and "Cherry Cordial" - be watching for them to be released in the next few weeks. I've scheduled a class to teach Peach Melba and haveshown eight different thread color combinations on the class page of the website. If you want to take this class long distance, feel free to sign up. Although this is the first I've written of this class, it's already almost full. If you're thinking of signing up, please do so ASAP.Ifthere's enough demand,I'll schedule a second class.
We're excited about the Stitch-In tomorrow! If you want to come, call first to reserve a space - we're almost full! I'm planning a fun presentation about UFOs (unfinished stitching objects!) and I have a surprise or two in the works.
We've received more than 200 corner samples of frames and 7 boxes of mat cornersthis week from several of our suppliers.We now have something for everything in the framing department and hope that you'll consider bringing in a piece or two to be framed. Liz is about caught up and she needs you to bring her some more work!

HELP WANTED: Part time (2-3 days/wk) person to work in the shop. Duties to include processing orders, helping customers, answering the phones, etc, etc. If you're interested in working in the shop, give me a call at 478-8898.
That's it for this week - watch your email Tuesday for a new "Weekly Email"...how's that for a tease??
Like one of the new patterns says, "Stitch Every Day"! First person to email me and tell me who the designer of this pattern is wins it! (Sharon L. is not eligible!).

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