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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: May 20, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
Today, I'd like to share a Stitching/Framing story with you. This just happened this morning!
A woman came into the shopwith a piece of cross stitch that she had framed at one of the big "box" stores. She wasn't happy with it because it was crooked, wrinkled, and hadtwo small spots on it. While she was here, we opened it up to find that it hadbeen laid flat on a sticky board and not stretched around it. The mat was also not properly placed on her cross stitch.
Luckily, she brought it in right away so we were able to peel it off the board without damaging it further. We will wash her piece, press it, and put it back in the frame.
If you do go somewhere else to have your stitchery framed, just asking if they do it regularly isn't enough. You need to ask how they do it and what materials they use. You NEVER want to have anything sticky applied directly to your stitching. Of course, if you come here, you NEVER have to worry or wonder about your pieces!
I also want to let you know that I'll be setting up a new Gallery on the Photo part of our website this month. As Liz finishes framing jobs, with your permission, we will post a photo of themfor those of you who can't get into the shop to see her "Gallery" in person. When we were in Gulf Breeze and doing framing, oftentimes customers would come in and go straight to the back to see what was completed! It's fun to have new "Show & Tell" items all the time!

For those of you out of town or those of you who missed the local news last night, here's the link to watch Anna-Frances and her high school students featured on "Angels in our Midst".

Have a great week!

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