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Friday Update

Sent: June 6, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

Happy Friday! It's market weekend and I can't wait to see what's new! I may have to send an extra email next week! In the meantime I've updated the New in the Shop page. I also added a photo of Heart In Hand's Monthly Markings. It's stitching up quickly and I can't wait to get the next few months of patterns. I'm leaving it here in the shop while I'm gone this weekend so you can see it in person if you'd like!
Just arrived today and not even on the website yet is the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch - they've heard our pleas for getting the Ornament Issue out earlier and this issue includes a "Christmas Ornament Preview" of eight ornaments that will be companions to ones that will come out in the actual Ornament Magazine in the fall. Also of note is the next issue will feature a Halloween-themed section. They've asked ten top designers to design little Halloween ornaments that are quick and fun to stitch. They'll also include a few larger Halloween and autumn harvest-themed designs as well. The Ornament Preview issue will sell out quickly and I'll be ordering more early next week. Email me if you want me to save one for you. Also let me know if you'll want the next issue with the Halloween theme section and I'll increase my "auto" on those!
Framer Liz has been busy framing and I've updated her Framing Gallery on the website. Of course, everything looks better in person but a picture is better than nothing! If you'd like a piece of yours to be seen in the Gallery, let us know when you bring it in to be framed - we're happy to display it!
I've scheduled a Counted Needlepoint class for July 12th or 22nd. I will teach my latest design, Cherry Cordial on July 12th or 22nd. It uses nine different Watercolours and a touch of metallic. Ihave selected eight alternative color choices and added them to the website under "Class Models". We have them at the shop so you can see them in person if you'd like. There's also a photo of Cherry Cordial. The class will be $60.00 and includes everything except stretcher bars. Sign up soon! You can sign up to take the class long distance as well.
Tonia will be back in the shop tomorrow working with Liz while I'm out of town. Be sure to come in and say hello! Framer Liz will be here as well and I'm sure she'd love to take in some framing and show you her growing "Gallery"!

Have agreat stitchingweekend. I'll be back in the shop Tuesday but will be checking emails a few times over the weekend.

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