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Friday Update

Sent: June 20, 2008

Hi Stitchers –


And a Garden Grew…I’ve continued stitching on this piece and love it. Every time I complete a flower or motif I get that “YEAH, I Finished Something” wonderful feeling! It’s really great for the part of me that enjoys “instant gratification”. I’ve posted a photo of my progress at the top of the New in the Shop page. I’ve also added a bunch of new stuff and have removed the older stuff in an attempt to keep this page fresh for you!



I’ve also cleaned up the Monthly/Series page and the latest thing is the newest Loose Feathers pattern from Blackbird Designs. I’ve included a photo of the back of the pattern which shows their “Mystery Bonus Pattern” and explains what they’re doing with the Loose Feathers club this year. If you haven’t joined, you still can (we’ve just gotten the 3rd pattern).



See what Liz has framed this week –



I added a photo of the new threads to the “New in the Shop” page – you’ll be able to read the names of the Crescent Colours but here are the names of the Watercolours. Of course, I am dying to use these in some new designs! For an internet special (you must mention when you order), you can order a set of these threads for only $36.75 (reg $40.80).


New Watercolours Names

248 Primrose

249 Geranium

250 Claret

251 Sunflower Seed

252 Prairie Grass

253 Ink

254 Porcelain Blue

255 Cornflower Blue

256 Barely Blue

257 Spearmint

258 Black Hills

259 Garden Path

That’s it for this Friday – have a great stitching weekend. I'll be working on your newsletter!

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