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Friday Update

Sent: June 27, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

Happy Friday! I've updated the website a lot this week although some of it is "behind the scenes" where you can't see it! I spent some time with my webhost and learned some new things about what I can do with the website. Over the next month or so you'll be seeing some big changes. In the meantime, if you look at the homepage, you'll see some changes to the menu. Most notably, if you click on "What's New", you'll see ONLY what's been added for just this week. Check this out!


Also added to the menu is a direct link to the "Specials" pages - this week we cleaned off the Mill Hill kit rack to make way for the TON of new ones we have and there's a special Sale page just for them. Let us know what you would like! I'm sure they'll go quickly!


Here's a link to the homepage if you'd like to take a look at the new menu -


Happy browsing & stitching!

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