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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: July 8, 2008

Hi Stitchers –


I spent the long 4th of July weekend in North Carolina and of course, stopped in Alabama for a visit with my brother and neice on the way home yesterday. As a result of driving home this morning, Tuesday Tidbits is a little late today!


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about needles and today I’ll talk about the organizing of your needles. There are a number of ways you can store your needles and keep track of the various sizes. Personally, I don’t worry too much about the actual size of the needle as much as I do about how it feels in my hand when I’m stitching. I realize though, that I have “extremely easy access” to needles so I’m not by any means, an authority on the storage of needles.


My couch cushions probably have more needles in them than anywhere else and I’ve been known to look under them if I lose a needle while I’m stitching! Sometimes I find several at a time!


The least expensive way to store your needles is to keep them in their original packaging – you’ll also know what size they are! I have a drawer in my sewing room with many packages sorted in size number order. If I can’t find one I’ve lost or I move one to a different project, I know I can always go to the drawer and get one from a package.


There are plastic needle holders (with different color lids) and wood needle holders that a lot of people use. They are inexpensive ($1.00 ea) and you can get a separate one for each size – color code your lids or write the size on the top of the wooden holders. Some people use old film canisters – with the popularity of digital cameras though, these probably aren’t so readily available. I’ve also seen old pill bottles used but don’t like the lids being so difficult to remove and you have to clean them out real well before storing anything in them. I’m sure there are more ideas but you can go from there…


We also have some “fancy” handpainted wood needle holders that match the painted needle magnets that I order for the shop. Speaking of needle magnets, these are the best way to keep track of a few needles while working on an individual project. There’s also a “gadget” called a Needle Park that holds several threaded needles – it’s a VERY STRONG magnet and I went crazy over it when I discovered it. It and the “Round Ups” magnets are the only needle magnets that I’ve never lost off my projects. Never ever "store" your needle in the middle of the fabric you are working on - a needle left for too long will rust - trust me, I know - it happened to me long ago. Now I bend that rule a little by keeping my needle in the top left corner of my fabric when I'm not working on it.


If you’ve got a unique or different way to store needles, let me know and I’ll share the ideas in Friday’s Update this week.


In case you missed last week’s email, here's a link to the newsletter I wrote for you to read at your leisure. This version is the format we used to mail out before the internet. Enjoy...it's almost all brand new info and there's new information about the Retreat!



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