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Tuesday Tidbits (and Friday's Update!)

Sent: July 29, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

Tuesday's Tidbits includes Friday's Update for last week. The
WhatsNew page has been updated and so has the FramingGallery

I've put aphoto of the new "Tail Catcher" on the What's New page - it's a great gadget and extremely useful in tucking those too short threads when you just need to do two or three stitches at the end of your needle. If you're familiar with a "Dololly", this is basically the same tool except that it's a bit longer and maybe a little easier to use since you don't have to have your hands so close to the needle.

The new Crab magnetic needle holder is also pictured - it's too cute and the shell on the top is very pretty.

There's lots more to see - go check it out! There's even a sneak peek at my new design in the Framing Gallery.

Happy Stitching

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