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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: August 5, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

Have you heard of a Trunk Show?The term "Trunk Show" originated from the fashion industry. Bernadine Morris, a former fashion writer for The Times, recalls trunk shows starting before World War II: ''Manufacturers would pack up a hundred things in trunks and take them to, say, Macy's in Colorado. The buyer was happy to have the clothes come direct to her, and sometimes invited a few clients to come and take a look. Then it got a little more formal and more public.''

Today we still use the term even though most of the time the products come in a box off the UPS truck instead of the designer or manufacturer bringing it themself.They send models of their work and a lot of their products to us. We show them for a few weeks and then send the models back along with the things that don't sell. It's a great way for you to see a lot more than what we could afford to purchase and keep in the shop!

We just received our first Trunk Show for the Open House next month. It's from Winnetka Stitchery and the box has over 150 needlepoint canvases in it that are 95% Christmas - there's stockings, ornaments, and pillow tops. She sent several models as well. I can't wait to go through them all!

For the trunk show, we will be giving a 20% discount off all the canvases (email me for prices on specific canvases) - you can view them at
You can also order any of their other canveses on their site


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