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Friday Update

Sent: August 29, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

I didn't have time to update the website today but will try to come in early tomorrow to do it. This week brought new items from Lizzie Kate - those of you who are doing the Christmas Double Flips have your patterns set aside. There are also new patterns from Little House, La-D-Da, Raise the Roof, Imaginating, Mini Kats and more.

Speaking of Kats, mine are three years old today. I tried getting a cute picture of them together this morning but photographing needlework is much easier than cats! I'll post what I ended up with - cute individual photos.

We'll be open our usual hours tomorrow, Sat from 9-4 and closed as usual on Mondays (Labor Day). Hope to see lots of you tomorrow.

"Tis the season to stitch!" This is the quote on one of the free patterns we have in the shop for you. If you place an order, we'll also be happy to include one. Bizzi Creations designed it just for our Open House and it's too cute! We have ours stitched and posted in our store door window!


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