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Friday Update

Sent: September 5, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

There are a few new things ontheWhatsNew page.I think the designers are holdingstuff back as there is anew needlework market next weekend in St Louis, Mo.I'll be flying up there Friday to shop for us! If you wantme to look for anything particular or special for you, let meknow!

I've created a new Photo Gallery of Open House photos - I spent a few hours working on it earlier this week and lost it so redid it today. I'll probably be adding more but it's a start - check out the
OpenHousepictures. If you have a question, refer to the photo by number!

The classes are listed on the Calendar and you can see the photos of the models for the classes at ClassModels. You can sign up for a class in the shop or over the phone. Email or call if you have questions.

If you can't get enough of new designs, you can always take a look atNordenCraftswww.nordencrafts.com/RR/rrstart.html. I'm happy to special order anything we don't have in the shop.

We're looking forward to the Stitch-In tomorrow - there are still a few spaces left if you'd like to come. Call or email to reserve a spot.


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