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JCS Ornament Magazine is here!!

Sent: September 17, 2008

Hi Stitchers -

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!! The Annual Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine has arrived in the shop!! This year's edition seems especially wonderful to me and I'm itching to start stitching some ornaments! There are a lot of great ones to choose from and something for everyone, I think. If you reserved an issue, it's set aside for you. If not, we ordered plenty of extra so just let us know if you want one held or mailed to you.

Besides 76 ornament patterns from 76 different designers, the issue includes a lot of recipes from the designers, stitch diagrams, and finishing instructions for the different styles of ornaments. A lot of you know my mom(Jemini Designs) has been in all of the ornament magazines and this year her ornament is "Snowdon" - he's a sea otter swimming in tinsel, decorating a tree. We're making kits for him so let us know if you'll want one. He is really cute!

I'm thinking of having a Ornament Stitching Party Friday, Sept 26th - is anyone interested? To come, you have to be stitching an ornament from this year's or any other year's issue of the JCS ornament magazine. If there's enough interest, we'll do it, probably from 5pm - 9pm. Let me hear from you and I'll announce it in Friday's Update email if it's a go...


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