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Friday Update

Sent: October 24, 2008

Hi Stitchers!

There's a nip in the air and I'm feeling like fall really may have come to us here in northwest Florida. I absolutely love this time of the year! I'm planning to make soup this weekend - remember my yummy taco soup that I've given you the recipe for? That's what I'll be making. If you need a recipe, email me and I'll find it for you - or you can search the archived newsletters. I usually include "recipe" in the subject!

I've updated the What's Newpage - it's actually a second page of "What's New" because the other was getting so long. Next on my priority list is to get the items entered in the website so you'll be able to click to order and put them in a shopping cart. I've started but it's a long process. I'll let you know when it's ready. In the meantime, I'll keep doing the Friday Updates.

If you have anything to be made into pillows, stockings, ornaments, or bellpulls, the DEADLINE is November 1st. The Framing DEADLINE hasn't been determined yet but will probably be close to December 1st. To help us with our scheduling, we appreciate you bringing them as early as possible, even if you prefer to pick them up closer to Christmas. Just tell us when you bring your items in. Don't forget - we frame everything, not just cross stitch and needlepoint.

That's it for this Friday's Update - happy stitching!


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