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Friday Update

Sent: December 5, 2008

Hi Stitchers!

Are you in the holiday mood? I'm getting there! Time is flying by and I'm keeping busy as an elf in Santa's workshop! The shop is a little quiet so if you're tired of the rush everywhere stop in for a peaceful respite and see what we might have to offer you to fill your Christmas shopping needs.

The website is updated with What'sNew. I've had to add a page 3! There's links between the pages so I hope it's easy to get around. Let me know if you have any questions. I've had requests for notice of design sizes but adding this info would require another full time person. If you think you might want something but are questioning the size, just shoot us an email and we can find out or guide you. Typically I can look at something and tell if it's complicated, large, or whatever questions you may have.

For anyone interested in following along with my Mystery Needlepoint sampler, I took photos of the pieces in progress and they are posted on the website. You can see them on the Class Models in the photo gallery. If you're not taking the class but would like to, you can still sign up. We've just completed three sections and have eight more to go. The next class isn't until the end of January so you have time to catch up! Let me know if you have any questions.

Holiday Food Drive
We are now collecting donations for Manna Food Bank - you can bring them in anytime until Saturday, Dec 13th. As you probably know, there is a lot more need and fewer donations coming in for a lot of nonprofit organizations in these lean economic time. That makes my first time doing this seem even more important.  In speaking with the folks at the food bank, the number one need is powdered milk. They also request rice, pasta, canned fruits, vegetables, meats, oatmeal, grits, etc etc. This past year, they've fed 2500 people a month and given out 45,000 pounds of food every month. I asked what I should have as a goal and was given a suggestion of 500 pounds. It seems small compared to the need but every little bit helps I guess. Please consider bringing in something to contribute - it's an easy way to help make a difference. If you're not local, please consider making a contribution to your own local food bank or if you want, send us a check and we'll shop for you.

The shop will be closed Wednesday, Dec 24th - Saturday, Dec 27th for the Christmas Holiday. I will be going up to North Carolina to be with family and celebrate Lindsey's First Christmas! I will be happy to be open on Monday, Dec 22nd if there are any requests for "appointments" or if I get enough emails from people planning to come. I'll let you know closer to the date. The shop will be open Tuesday, Dec 30 from 10-5 (regular hours) and Wednesday, Dec 31st from 9-2. We're closing early on the 31st to count everything! If you've attended the inventory party in past years and want to come again, please RSVP asap. If you're interested in attending and helping count all the threads and stuff, let me know!

I keep meaning to tell you about Norden Crafts new website. They are one of my main distributors and carry lots of great patterns, fabrics, threads, etc, etc. Their website address is http://www.nordencrafts.com and if you'll just send me the item number from their site, I'll be happy to special order it if I don't already have it in the shop. The website also has a Search feature and I've found it very helpful. One of their recent new items is a book called "FLAT-FOLD & FRIENDS" - It's a book with over 45 full size pages, all three hole punched and ready for you to insert into a three ring binder. It has instructions for making a Flat-fold, Christmas ornaments, The Box, The Heavy Weights, The Stuffed Stand-up and the Round/Oval Box. It includes what the author calls "the Finishing Visually walk-through instructions". The first shipment I got in sold out quickly and I've got more coming. If you'd like one, let me know and I'll put you on the list. The price is $35.00.

During the hectic holidays, be sure to put some time aside for yourself and use a needle - it helps with the stress! If you can't find time at home, drop in to the shop. There's always room here unless we're teaching a class.


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