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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: December 16, 2008

Hi Stitchers –


With only nine days until Christmas, I’m working hard here in the shop getting the last minute frame jobs done. I’ve not been posting photos of finished framing because I don’t want to ruin any holiday surprises. We’ve done some fun stuff though! I’ll try to remember to post photos after the holiday.


I’m also planning next year’s calendar – I’ve put the regular stuff on the calendar for you but will be adding more.  I’m not quite ready to share all of that with you yet but stay tuned to see what you might want to participate in. If you have suggestions for classes, let me know what you would like and I’ll try to schedule something.


If you’re doing some last minute finishing yourself, our order of new Finishing books (Flat-fold and Friends) just arrived today. $35 and it has instructions to finish your stitching into Christmas ornaments, flat-fold, stuffed stand-ups, and more. If you need a piece of matboard for an ornament, stop by the shop and I’ll cut you one from our scraps. If you pre-ordered one, they’re in the mail. If not and you would like one, let us know before they’re all gone. I looked through and there are a lot of photos!


Gift certificates from Needle Delights are high on a stitcher’s list – we do sell them by mail if any of your loved ones ask for a suggestion! We’re happy to mail them wherever they’re needed.


Until Friday… try to find some time to make some x’s….


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