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Friday Update

Sent: December 19, 2008

Hi Stitchers –
I'm getting the Friday Update out early today - hooray for me!! There's a new absolutely beautiful Mirabilia pattern that is making my fingers itchy...see it and more at What's New.

It's time to sign up for next year's "Needlepoint Ornament of the Month" Club. For those of you who don't know, this will be my fifth year (I can hardly believe it myself!) desiging a set of ornaments that I teach/mail out once per month. This year's will be a little different in that you can select a color option from "Jeweltones", "Traditional Christmas Colors (Red/Green)", and "Elegant Neutrals". The ornaments will be round and about 2.5 inches in diameter. There will also be an option to stitch them all on one piece of canvas - sortof a mystery project since you won't see all the ornament designs until they come out. To sign up, select a color option and email me. I'll then call you or email you to discuss the options and officially sign you up. Let me know if you have questions. The first kits will go out mid January and the Club is $12/mo plus 1.50 for postage.

The shop is open tomorrow (Saturday) and Tuesday the 22nd. I'm off to North Carolina on Wednesday for the Christmas holiday and the shop will reopen on Tuesday the 30th for the Needle Delights YEAR END SALE (Dec 30-31st). Everything in stock in the shop will be 20% off – come buy it so we don’t have to count it! You’ll be able to email and call in orders as well. I'll be posting some other specials later next week.

On Wednesday we will close early at 2pm to do inventory. Yes, we actually count every single thing in the shop! If you're interested in participating in the inventory, send me an email - we have this "party" every year and it's now an annual tradition!
If you need some last minute Christmas gifts, come shop in peace - we do have some models for sale, mesh bags make great stocking stuffers, and you could even get yourself a little treat.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!

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