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Stitch-A-Licious Cookbook Review

Sent: May 11, 2005

Hi Stitchers & Cooks -

Here's a review from one of my customers. After reading it, I wanted to go live at her house for mealtimes!

Happy Stitching (and Cooking!)


It took me a while but I finally got some of these recipes tried and "tested" with the family and here are the results....

Almond Tea was a big hit with the rest of the family but I didn't care for the almond flavoring (I always think it is too strong.)

Gazpacho Dip was Wonderful!!! A big hit with company! Very easy to make and tasty.

Cross Stitches rolls made very easy very cute finger sandwiches with a bunch of different fillings (like tuna, chicken salad, shrimp salad).

White Chocolate Popcorn was delicious but I was challenged by my white chocolate phobia family to recreate it using dark and milk chocolate and regular
raisins. Truly Decadent!! Another big hit all three ways!

Tuna Grape Salad is a terrific twist on a regular tuna salad. With the grapes it was light and juicy as well as crunchy (because of the celery). The dressing mixed with sour cream made it very creamy. I served this on lettuce with tomato wedges, in herbed flour tortilla wraps, and on the Cross Stitch rolls it was terrific each way!

Easy Potato Sausage Soup - very rich and creamy, very easy. The sausage made for a bit of spice unlike the bacon I usually use in potato soup. The kids really liked it but Hubby only said it was "okay".

Stuffed Bread . Easy! DELICIOUS! 'Nuff said!

Forget It Chicken is easily one of our favorites. It can not be any easier to make since it is in the crock pot you can get it ready the night before, store the crock in the fridge until the next morning and then start the crockpot as you are making breakfast. (Preparing the ingredients the night before
really cuts down on rushing around in the morning!) I made this with the wine and added potatoes, and used boneless, skinless chicken breasts so I really didn't
have much to do to get it all ready and dinner was ready with very little hassle. Served with a green salad and the Cross Stitch rolls it was a very popular
dinner with family and friends!

Vegetable Chili is a very tasty take on chili. I had to cut back on some of the spice in the ingredients for the children but it was still very good. I used mild chili beans and mild tomatoes & chiles and let the chili powder take care of the spice. Everyone really liked it and it was delicious served with hot
corn bread!

Breakfast Casserole is a terrific way to start the morning. I made it all the night before and just popped it into the oven in the morning and Sunday breakfast has never been so easy and so tasty! All I had to do was pop open a roll of biscuits and bake them along with the casserole and Breakfast was served! Wonderful!

Sesame Broccoli was a very nice side dish for a roast chicken from the deli section of the local market. It was really easy and very quick to cook so the chicken was still hot from the store when we sat down for dinner. Great change from canned green beans or canned corn for a quick side dish!

Blueberry Buckle was a huge hit with my family! They love blueberry muffins and were quick to decide this was one of their favorite desserts since it was
very similar (okay - it has blueberries in it!)
I was thrilled with how quick and easy it was to make, since I will most likely be making this often!

Turtle Cake was so easy and delicious that it should be illegal! I made it to take to my In-laws for dessert after Sunday lunch and it was a HUGE hit! They don't like coconut so I have never made a german chocolate cake for them (even though I love it) so I was tickled to use a german chocolate cake for this
recipe! Yum!!

Eclair Cake is another decadent dessert that only takes a couple of minutes to prepare but is absolutely delish! A big hit with guests and family (Hubby
has already asked me to make it again this weekend!)

This is all I have tried so far but I have been very pleased with the ease and speed that most of these dishes can be made.

I really LOVE this cookbook!

-Katherine McKamey, Portland, Texas

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