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Friday Update

Sent: February 27, 2009

Hi Stitchers –
It’s time for the weekly update – unfortunately, I’ve not had time to update the website with this week’s arrivals. We did get in the new Biscornu pattern from Just Nan – it has Fifteen! Sides to it and is stitched on two colors of fabric. I saw it at Nashville and it’s beautiful. You can see it on her website at http://www.justnan.com/jn200.html. Also, take a look at Harmony and the Harmony Tin kit – these are Limited Edition pieces being released in a few weeks. Email me to reserve either of these as I expect they will sell out fast. See them at http://www.justnan.com/jn201.html.
Also new in the shop are patterns from Little House Needleworks, The Goode Huswife, Notforgotten Farm, and more.  Mirabilia’s new Winter White Santa is restocked (the first order FLEW!). Rosewood Manor has two new stocking patterns – “My Stars” and “Stars in My Crown” – I saw the stitched models in Nashville and they were beautiful – the pictures do not do them justice. We also have two new patterns from Calico Crossroads – two fun new designs. Both are called a thaumatrope (pronounced THAW-muh-trohp), a toy that was popular in Victorian times. A thaumatrope consists of a disk or card with a picture on each side that is attached to string. When the string is twirled quickly between the fingers, the two pictures appear to combine into a single image due to persistence of vision. Their version is stitched on 14-ct. perforated paper  - we may have to try one of these!
Just coming in is information on this year’s Loose Feathers Club from Blackbird Designs. It just makes my heart sing! You all know how much I absolutely love everything Blackbird. Anyway, this year’s theme is “Stitching Accessories”.  Here’s the wording about the club for you to enjoy!
 “Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs are ready to kick off another exciting year of Loose Feathers. This year’s theme will be stitching accessories. There will be six patterns released throughout the year as usual that have a cross stitch pattern included. The final release will be a piece that will store/display these fine needlework accessories.”
If you wish to be in the Club this year, let us know – you can order the club with overdyed fabric or Chart only. Even if you were in the Club last year, please notify us if you wish to continue. I can’t wait to see the first release!
I’ll leave you today with a quote from a new pattern just in from Angel Stitchin – it did get the most laughs in her booth at market! “My greatest fear is there is no PMS and this is my real personality”
Happy Stitching –

Don't forget to check the Merchant Mall for what's new and NordenCrafts for what's new at our favorite distributor's warehouse! We place orders every week.

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