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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: March 3, 2009

Hi Stitchers

Did you miss Tuesday Tidbits last week? Tonia and I had a crazy week last week and didn't get it done! I think you'll enjoy this weeks though - click Articles to read about something new we picked up at Nashville. This is a gizmo I didn't know I needed until I saw it in action in person!

Also, to those who emailed me about the new Bohin needles: Yes, I have used them on linen and canvas and really like them. They are really smooth and seem to make tying off (sliding the needle under the thread on the back) easier. Get a package next time you're in the shop or ask us to add a pack to your order and try them. They are a little bit longer than the petites I love so much but I didn't mind.

Best Stitches!

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