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Sent: March 6, 2009

Hi Stitchers -

The website is updated! I've add lots of new stuff - click hereto see the newarrivals. The first pattern in Blackbird's Loose Feathers Club showed up today!! If you haven't signed up but want this pattern, just let us know - we have extras. You can also still sign up...

Join us next Saturday, Mar 14th for the Bookmark Challenge Stitch-in. The Bookmark Challenge officially starts March 19th and we'll be collecting stitched bookmarks to donate to our public libraries. The Stitch-In will be from 10-4 and is just anopportunity todrop inand stitch for an hour or two or three...it's a great time to bring a friend and teach them to stitch. Children, accompanied by an adult, can also learn to cross stitch during this day. Please call to let us know you're coming so we can plan accordingly. Space, as usual, is limited. If you'd like more information about the Bookmark Challenge, visit BookmarkChallenge.

I've started photographing (I quit for awhile!)some of the framingwe're doing and posted a few of the latest. Tonia is up to speed and ready to frame whatever you're finishing. Check out the Framing Gallery, especially "Peaceful Paradise". Tonia not only framed it; shestitched it. It will show you what a great stitcher she is! She does love the big projects! Be sure to check out the "revolving gallery" when you stop in to the shop. It's always fun to see what others are stitching and having framed.

If you missed Tuesday Tidbits, check it out at Articles. The Puffin Craft Strand Separators were featured. I'll be ordering next Tuesday so get your requests in to me this weekend. I'll be happy to add it to my long list. Most popular by far is the Bo Peep Sheep!

I'm almost done (just a few more stitches) with my latest design, "Emerald". It's the next pattern in the "Jewels and Gemstones" collection. You can see a photo of it in the Needle Delights Original photo gallery. Scroll halfway down to get to Jewels - Emerald. It's after all the stuff in quotes. I also posted a couple of photos of Sierra and Cherry Cordial stitched in different colorways. They're right there together in the gallery. Just for fun, I put in a picture of my next Edible - it's Blueberry something (the recipe is coming from my mom and I can't remember the exact name, just that it's yummy!). The design is done and now I can't wait to see the stitching! In case you're thinking, she's a designing fool right now, you are right! I seem to be full of creative (I hope!) ideas in the spring and sometimes think my head might start spinning and explode!

I'll leave you with that cheery thought - don't visualize!

Happy Stitching!

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