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Friday Update

Sent: May 4, 2009

Hi Stitchers - 
I know it's Monday morning but this is the email I'd planned to send on Friday! I've finally finished updating the website for the week. We're starting to put the new stuff in the e-store and you can now order through the website. We've still got to set up the payment info but for those of you who are already on file in the shop, we already have your info and will send the orders out as we get them. Just click on the items to order and then follow the prompts.  We'll get an email and then email you back to let you know the order has shipped. Bear with us while we get everything in the e-store. I had to start somewhere so am starting with the new things. There's a place to write notes to us with your order and if you want additional items not in the store or you want us to "kit" something for you, just include it there or send us a separate email. Although it may tell you to send a check, you do not need to do so. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to kathy@needledelights.com with e-store in the subject line.
To see the new items in the e-store, click NewItems.

ComingSoon is a new category in the e-store. Find previews of items coming to the shop soon. This is your opportunity to pre-order/reserve some of your favorites. If the price shows .01, this means I don't have the price yet. If I don't put something in for the price, you won't be able to see it...

Embroidery - We're starting to carry a few Embroidery patterns and will have a separate category for them in the e-store. 

ThreadLoversClub - We'll be sending out the TLC kits this week for May - you can see the COM (color of the month) for May here. You can sign up any of the TLC Clubs anytime.

The Mystery Photos are updated - see them in http://www.needledelights.com/index.php/photos/14.html
I'm off to clean my house, do laundry and grocery shop - oh what a glorious day off!! Tonight though, I'll be stitching!!
Talk to you tomorrow - Tonia will be writing something fun for Tuesday Tidbits!

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