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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: May 5, 2009

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s me, Tonia. I’m glad to be feeling almost 100%.   I still have my tired moments. For those of you who don’t know, I had surgery about 4 ½ weeks ago and am recovering beautifully. Kathy won’t let me lift anything or over do it. She’s says I’m no good to her if I end up laid in bed because I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. So I have a lot of sit down jobs to do in the shop. 


Enough about me…


I thought I’d focus this Tuesday’s Tidbits on gift ideas for the upcoming events in people’s lives. For example:


Who forgot its Mother’s Day this Sunday? (No mom, I didn’t forget!) For those of you who like to personalize your gifts, there are some great smaller patterns that we have here in the shop that would only take about a day to stitch up. (Shepherd’s Bush, Sweetheart Tree, Sam Sarah, etc.) There are also beautiful Just Nan frames that would be perfect for pictures of the kids or grandkids. 


Another gift giving opportunity is the end of the school year. I always try to stitch a little something each year for my children’s teachers. This year I’m going to do the Mill Hill kits. There are the cutest apples that make into pins and teacher themed scenes that would be perfect in any classroom. Don’t our teachers deserve a little thank you!! 


Staying on the school theme, how many of you have graduates this spring? When my daughter graduated from High School, I stitched her graduation announcement and she loved it. She said she felt so special knowing I had taken the time to make something just for her. I know we have multiple graduation patterns, so think about that for your special graduate.


And finally, what about those of you who would like to give a little something to someone special in church? Again, I’ve been known to stitch up a Mill Hill Pin or a bookmark and present it to that special person.


Hope this inspires you to think about giving just a little something. Spring is the perfect time to start a new tradition of giving. Spring is a renewing of nature and our souls, lets help renew others souls with a little Thank you from our hearts.


Till next time….Happy Stitching!



PS Kathy wants to remind you that Friday, May 7th is the last day to turn in your bookmarks for the Bookmark Challenge!

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