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Friday Update

Sent: May 8, 2009

Hi Stitchers -

As usual, I've been working on getting this out to you all afternoon and am out of time! I've updated the e-store with most of what has come in this week but will add the rest in the morning. Here are photos of the newest Mill Hill kits that will be coming in on Monday - let us know if you want any put aside. I think these will be awesome and all the "pin kits" come with a magnet instead of a pin back this time. Even better, they include glow in the dark thread. If you've never used it, it really does glow and the kids (even us older "kids"!) love it!
Click here to get to the E-Store and see the latest - I'm separating the new items by week so you'll be able to tell what's the most brand new! Go ahead and order through the store, if you'd like. The comments come through fine so you can write stuff in them if you need stuff not in the e-store yet or if you want something kitted.
In the meantime, here are photos of the latest Mill Hill -
$6.95 ea
Bead & Button kits on perf paper $12.95 ea
$7.95 ea - these kits include 28 ct fabric, floss, metallic, beads and Treasures
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms - my mom is lucky enough to be in England right now so I'm going to my brother's this weekend to be with his family. I'll be in the shop all day tomorrow - I'll leave after work since my "weekend" is Sunday & Monday. My dad is coming too so we'll have a great time - probably fighting over who gets to play with Lindsey (my niece!!).

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