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Sent: May 29, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
TGIF! The website is updated with new items. We've been busy this week. Here are links - I know you want to see pictures!!
NewThisWeek the latest in patterns received in the shop this week
NeedleworkTools is a new category in the E-Store and I added a bunch of stuff this week
Framing Gallery The latest additions are at the top.
Kathy'sKittens - I took the camera home and got a couple of shots on Memorial Day as we were having a lazy holiday!
I've started a new design with threads from the first four months of the Color of the Month kits - I'm hoping I'll be able to get it done by the time the July threads come out. Here's a picture of the threads for the June kit - you can still sign up for this club - see more details in the E-Store under "Threads - TLC Club" or email me if you have questions.
One of my customers, Dottie Galloway, stitched my Blueberry Torte in "Raspberry" colors  and added borders to have it made into a pillow - if you'd like the color conversion, let me know. I think it came out great and I have her canvas here in the shop if you'd like to see it in person.
We have a darling umbrella that's black with red hearts on it - let us know if it belongs to you. We found it one day last week after a bunch of people had left and don't know whose it is.
I think that's it for this week!

Stitch happy - hope to see you in the shop or on the website soon! I'm continuing to add stuff to the e-store so check back often!

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