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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: August 4, 2009

Hi Stitchers -


It's the Tuesday of "Open House Week" so I don't have much time to write!! This week I'll just tell you not to miss the Open House and give you a link to the website of Primitive Needle. We have ALL of her models (EVERY SINGLE ONE!!) and they will be on display during the Open House. I can't wait to see them too - Tonia won't let me unpack them until we're actually doing the displays - she's so organized... We get to keep them until the end of the month so you'll still be able to see them even if you can't make it into the shop this weekend. Here's the link to her website - PrimitiveNeedle Be sure to check out her Gallery and other items on her menu.


I met Lisa at her very first tradeshow a couple of years ago and found her wackily wonderful - she's a REAL stitcher, loves samplers, halloween, and her models were wonderful. I talked to her then about a Trunk Show and now we have it. She also has a BLOG with stuff about her life and her designs - you can tell she's a fun loving person. I'm jealous of her raspberry bushes!


The Trunk Show is just part of the Open House and I will share much more with you after it's over - have to save all the surprises for those who can come experience it in person!!





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