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New Patterns

Sent: June 3, 2005

Hi -

Just want to take a minute or two and give you the highlights of the new patterns we just got in. Let us know if you want anything mailed to you or held here in the shop!

The long awaited Celtic Winter pattern from Lavender & Lace is here. Done on smoky pearl (a dusty blue), the dress is done in whites and highlighted with metallic golds. She's beautiful. $16.00

Mirabilia's Fairy Roses is a very pretty fairy with very large colorful wings done in pastel greens, lavenders, and turquoises. She's wearing a knee length dress adorned with roses. I want to stitch it! $12.00

Heart of Hearts from Abbey Lane Designs is a sampler in the spot motif style with lots of hearts and letters. It's different and makes me appreciate this newer designer even more.

Summer Parade from Fanci That is a cute Uncle Sam type guy embellished with buttons - they've got him decorating a tote bag and the finishing is great! $6.00

From Raise the Roof - Sam's Socks, Shorts-n-Such is a patriotic takeoff of their clothesline series. Spooky Fence is a Halloween piece where the fence posts are "dressed" as a witch and a vampire. Hard to describe but very cute. $7.00 either

Act Justly from La-D-Da is a cute sampler with the verse "Act justly * love * mercy * & walk humbly with your God" It has a crow and star at the top and I already having Framer (retired) John stitching this one for the shop! I'll never completely let him go! $8.00

From Imaginating: Welcome Baby is a cute baby sampler with a darling border of lots of motifs $5.00
Bats & Witches - it's already gone - obviously cute! I think it had two patterns - one said "an old bat lives here" and the other "The witch is in". I'm ordering more $5.00 Velcome is another really cute Halloween piece also $5.00

Gourmet Garden from Jeanette Crews is an awesome quartet of vegetable patterns, updated in design for today. I especially love the asparagus pattern. $7.95

Bent Creek has two - Stars & Stripes Forever is done in the row style and buttons are on the way! $6.00 Homestead Snapper is a cute little sampler with snaps included $4.00

Still one of my favorites, Shepherds Bush has Bees Buzzing - I've ordered the fabric (12 ct jute) and will be stitching this one soon! $5.00 Home is a four letter pattern done in the style of the monthly series from last year. Houses spell out the word home and this just gets cuter every time I look at it - it's well, sweet! $4.00

Bee Line from SamSarah is just adorable although the photo doesn't do the colors justice. It may have to be done to hang in my "bee bathroom"! $6.00

Summer's Magic from Dragon Dreams shows us even dragons like to go to the beach and build sandcastles! $9.00

Adjust Your Sails from Erica Michaels is a cute nautical piece with the verse "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust out sails". How appropo for us in hurricane land. I've certainly adjusted and hope you have too.

On that note, I pray that no hurricanes have any negative impact on any of us this year!

See you in the shop soon, I hope! Keep stitching!!!

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