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Friday Update

Sent: September 5, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
Today was a wild day in the shop - we appreciate all of you who came to visit us at the beginning of the holiday weekend! I didn't have time to scan anything today so did it tonight when I got home - love the internet that lets me work anywhere! The new page is updated with everything except that we also have new charts from Hinzeit - I'll try to get them on in the morning - I don't have access to the prices tonight... see the NewHere
We will be open our normal hours this weekend - Sat from 9-4 and closed Sunday & Monday.
I updated the Framing Gallery last week and there's more but again, no time today - maybe tomorrow! 
Don't forget the Stitch-In on Saturday, September 12th from 4-midnight. If you'd like to come, the cost is $5.00 and includes dinner & dessert - we'll be enjoying salads & desserts! There are still a few spaces if you'd like to come.
click SALE!!  to get to the sale page - I have more to add but it will have to wait until next week.
There are still a few weeks to sign up for the next Mystery Needlepoint - we'll also host a "Mystery Breakfast" on Saturday, Sept 19th at 9:30am for people who took this last mystery and for people signed up or interested in signing up for this next mystery. I'll have my current Mystery piece to show another small peek. We had two students in today who have finished their projects and will have them framed in time for the "Show & Tell" portion of the party! I can't tell you how  much fun it is to see my design completed in the different colors. Although I told you I was calling it 19 Stars, I've settled on a new name and it will be called "Galaxy". This is the first piece I've really struggled in naming as many of my closest friends & family will tell you! The good part is that I have enough names (great names) for at least 25 more projects!
See MysteryOptions for the upcoming class starting in October.
Tonia didn't have time to pack up the Primitive Needle Trunk Show so you can still view it through tomorrow.
Deadlines - The deadline to bring things in for Finishing (stockings, bellpulls, pillows) is October 1st. The deadline for Christmas Framing is December 1st. Now's the time to make sure you're on track to get those projects done in time for the holidays. Tonia has already been framing some holiday gifts...
Have a great weekend and STITCH!!

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