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Friday Update

Sent: September 11, 2009

Hi Stitchers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the annual Just Cross Stitch magazine has arrived in the shop and we’ve set aside all the reserved copies. There are plenty more so come by to take a look if you wanted to “see before you buy”. If you wait until next week, you might want to call us or email us to be sure we have some left – they always go quickly.
I’ve been up in North Carolina this week and just got home last night. My mother & I are collaborating on a needlepoint design that we will offer as a class project for a retreat next Spring here on the Gulf Coast (at Pensacola Beach). We’ve been talking about doing this for awhile but now have our design done and we’re both stitching it in different colorways. We’re excited about this joint venture and hope some of you will be interested in traveling to a special stitching retreat! As usual, there’ll be photos and more news in a few weeks. If you’d like to get a brochure when we have it ready, please send an email with “Gulf Coast Retreat” as the subject and I will start an email information list.
I haven’t had time to update the website but we do have new stuff and here are links to a few things I thought you might like to know about. I’m off to St Charles (St Louis, MO) in two weeks for the Needlework Show so we’re starting to see some previews and hear some clues about new things being released.

Carriage House is doing another design in the “Hawk Run” series – it’s Christmas themed and Kathy Barrick (the designer) is blogging about it at http://kathybarrick.blogspot.com/
Sweetheart Tree sent an email with their new releases and you can see them at http://sweethearttree.com/bas.html
We’ll have the new patterns from Hoffman next week and you can see them at http://www.hoffmandis.com/newbooklistings/weekly.cfm
Mirabilia’s next three letters (S, T, and U) are there as well as some other fun stuff. If the links don’t work, just cut and paste them into your browser.
As usual, just let me know if you'd like to reserve anything.
The Stitch-In is tomorrow and there are a few spaces available – call us first though!

Hope you’re in the stitching mood – there’s lots of great stuff to choose from! I spent an hour last night looking at the Ornament magazine trying to decide what I wanted to stitch first!


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