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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: September 17, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
I wrote Tuesday Tidbits on Tuesday but am just now getting a chance to be at the computer long enough to send it! 
Holiday Anticipation

It's the most wonderful time of the year - the anticipation of the holidays and the seeming ease of thinking "I can get do it all - there's still plenty of time". This may be true for some people but I doubt it. This year I will not "do it all" and see what happens. My guess is the world will go on, the earth will continue to revolve around the sun, and my loved ones will still love me. I want to start reminding myself (and maybe you?) what is really important during the holidays and every day. For me, it's relationships - with my family, my friends, and all of you who I consider my "Stitching Family".
As I'm off to market next week, I'm feeling the usual stress of having two days to visit over 100 booths to bring home new goodies for you. If I divide the number of vendors (over 140) by the number of minutes the show is open, I have about 3 minutes to be in each room. Imagine coming to our Open House and being given two minutes to look at everything, make a decision, and complete your purchase. That's what I do over and over for two days - it gives you an idea of what market is like for the shopowners! I wish I could take you all along to see it all in person! I am fortunate to have "experience" and know which places to skip by and which places to linger in (if you can call five to ten minutes "lingering"!). My favorite trick is to ask other shopowners in the elevator "What's the greatest thing you've seen? What should I be sure to see? What's new and different?" I then am sure to schedule dinner with my friends so we can all share stories, successes, challenges, and what we bought during the day. It's really exhausting but a complete blast!
If you're interested in seeing some sneak peeks at what may be at market, here's a link to the list of vendors - let me know if you find something you know you want or if you see something you think I wouldn't want to miss adding to the shop's inventory. This is a big help to me as space bringing things home is limited to the large suitcase I can check on the airplane. I also will place orders there and have stuff shipped.
So, if you're still reading, you may wonder why I chose this topic to write about this week - first, I needed to. Second, I want to remind you that a stitched gift, however large or small, is a gift of yourself - your time, your energy, and your money to purchase the materials involved. If you need help selecting something or making a decision of what fabric or threads to use, we're here to assist you. If you have limited time, think about smaller projects like bookmarks or towels or a cute little Pine Mountain pillow kit on larger count fabric. If you want to, you can do it - you just have to prioritize and make a plan - or so I've been told!
That's all I'll ramble about now - I'm going to spend the day placing orders!
Talk to you all tomorrow - there's lots of new stuff to put on the computer after I get these orders done!


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