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Friday Update

Sent: September 18, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
Happy Friday! I've updated lots of places on the website for you so have a look - here are the links...
NewInTheShop - The latest arrivals are here plus a new order of charts from Hinzeit - in the spirit of yesterday's emails, these "Chart & Charm Block Patterns" make a nice thoughtful gift for many people and are very quick to stitch. There are loads more of them we can order (see them at Hinzeit). There are a couple of framed pieces added to the Framing Gallery this week as well as some older ones if you scroll down to the bottom. Let us know if you want any and I'll either pick them up at the St Charles show or place an order there. We do have another basket of them in the shop that I haven't added yet.
ComingSoon You can see Carriage House's new Hawk Run Hollow here plus the latest from Sweetheart Tree
FramingGallery - Tonia did a bunch of pieces this week and there are three "Galaxy" pieces from my students. If you were in the class or are interested in starting the next mystery next month, we're having a breakfast party tomorrow morning in the shop. It starts at 9:30 with Hot Krispy Kreme donuts!
We just had a man come in to the shop with his wife - he wants to learn to do needlepoint so his wife bought him a stocking canvas (they're redoing all the family stockings that were ruined in Hurricane Ivan). Anyway, he asked if he could get a "Needle Driver" - don't you know men always want tools?!  I told him he was the "Driver" - I thought it could be a great nickname for stitchers -
I plan to drive some needles myself tonight! I'm working on a new design (of course!) that I'll be sharing with you soon!
Til next week...drive some needles!

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