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Tuesday Tidbits - Off to Market

Sent: September 22, 2009

Hi All -


The shop will be OPEN normal hours while I'm gone - Tonia & Cece will both be here so come visit them, pick up the Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine, see the new stuff already in the shop, check out the Framing Gallery in person, bring Tonia a piece or two to frame, and keep them busy!


I'm leaving on a jet plane Thursday morning at the crack of dawn (AKA O Dark Hundred in semi-military terms...) to fly to St Louis for the Fall Needlework Show. Although there are photos and sneak peeks of some of the things we'll see there, photos and words can never truly convey the energy and excitement of being there in person to experience it all.


Market doesn't start until Friday but I'm flying out a day early to have a "Me Day" - this is a day where I get to do whatever I feel like doing for 24 hours. Although I fly to St Louis, market actually takes place at an Embassy Suites hotel in St Charles which has a quaint little shopping area right on the river. So during my "Me Day", I will probably take the hotel shuttle to town and wander aimlessly around the shops, pretending to be on vacation and having nothing better to do. I also plan to have some pajama time in my hotel room to stitch!  Believe it or not, you'll benefit a great deal from this as it will give me the much needed refreshing and renewing energy to tackle two entire days of shopping and making hundreds of decisions about what you will want to see! If I can, I'll send you a quick note during the weekend about what I find most exciting.


Another really wonderful aspect of going to market is connecting in person with my friends, pals, and cronies in our great industry - it's a social highlight of the year and so much fun - kind of like a family reunion or a big party. It's really fun getting to know the designers too because it seems to make their patterns come alive. I plan to be an exhibitor at the Nashville show in February and am really looking forward to being on the "Other Side"!


Because we've been so busy in the shop and I don't like to spend all of my free time (as little as there is!) on the computer, there's not a whole lot on our website of what I'll be bringing back.  Although it does help to have preorders and know ahead what people want, I decided it would be more fun to buy it first and then show you and tell you about it. This is how it worked BC (before computers)! If you can come in next week, it's much better to see it all in person and then decide what you absolutely have to have! And of course, we can always reorder.


If you are an online shopper only due to geography or other issues, please just send me an email if you see something you know you want. If you don't have a LNS (local needlework store), we'd be happy to step in and fill that spot for you, whether you ever come in person or not. Without our mail order business, our little shop might not be here...


Looking forward to this next week of traveling, shopping, socializing, and sharing it all with you when I return - keep the needles smokin' and get ready for some great new stuff! I'll be able to check email while I'm gone so if you think of something, just let me know.




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