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Sent: September 28, 2009

Hi Stitchers -


I got home late last night market was a blast! The shopping was fast and furious, the visiting with designers and other shopowners was really fun, and I spent time with someone I'm going to be doing some collaborations with next year that will be exciting for the needlework industry as a whole - more news on that in a few months! For now, there's a lot of great new designs in both cross stitch and counted needlepoint and I think something for everyone and a variety of patterns. I also picked up a lot of new threads that I'm going to try out and possibly use in my designing. Personally, it was thrilling for me to meet some shopowners who are carrying my designs in their shops and talk with them about exhibiting at the next trade show myself...


I brought the suitcases to the shop and unloaded all the packages on the tables in the classroom - there's not enough room in the shop to sort and process it all!  I tried to keep it all organized so we can have it out for you to see first thing tomorrow when the shop opens. Tonia & I will be here early working on it first thing and the UPS truck will continue bringing us boxes through the week - you can only bring so much stuff home in suitcases so I also placed lots of orders and we'll get a huge box of patterns from our distributor tomorrow - you can see all that stuff in the Merchant Mall NOW!! Just let us know if you want us to put anything back for you.


I'll send out another email when I have everything up on the website.


Glad to be home and excited to be back in the shop tomorrow!


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