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Friday Update

Sent: October 2, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how anxious I am for the weekend?! It's been a long week - going to St Charles last weekend for the tradeshow was exhausting and we've had a fun few days trying to get everything unpacked, priced and somewhat organized for you to shop for! Tonia will be working with me tomorrow to help all of you who are coming in to check out the new goodies!

I've added more to the website since I wrote last and updated the "Coming Soon" with great new stuff from Just Nan - some of it is Limited so you'll want to sign up right away. Hopefully, I reserved enough for you. Everything was beautiful in person - the best part of market is seeing everything stitched. I just wish there was more time to really look at everything longer - I have to rush so much just to get to all the rooms to make my purchases! Anyway, it has been a whirlwind and I'm looking forward to just watching football and stitching on Sunday!
Click NewFromMarket to see the new stuff from Market and new pattern arrivals in the shop this week.
Click ComingSoon to see Just Nan and a great Christmas piece from Raise the Roof.
We have a new face in the shop - Hope started working at Needle Delights this week and if her smile looks familiar, it's because she's Tonia's daughter. She's a college student attending PJC and I'm especially thrilled to have her here helping us get through these busy days.
There's probably more to tell you but it'll have to wait until next week. I have to work on some things for our retreat that is coming up in just TWO weeks!
Hope you're stitching for me!

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