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Sent: June 14, 2005

Hi Stitcher!

First let me say we had NO damage or leaks with Tropical Storm Arlene - if I could have scheduled a tropical storm on the calendar, this would have been the perfect time. I was glad to be out of town! Our calendar is already booked for the rest of the Saturdays this month! The Monthly Ornament Club starts this Saturday (still a few spots if anyone wants to sign up!) and then June 25th is our All Night Stitch starting at 4pm.

Second, thanks so much to all of you who have replied back to me that you are willing to get newsletters by email only. I really appreciate it. I love being able to stay in touch with so many people so efficiently and hope that you enjoy getting the updates that I send on a whim. If you missed it the first time and are willing to get info by email only and skip the printed snail mail newsletter, send a reply email with the subject "email only ok". If you've already sent me this email, don't send it again - I have you down!

Now for the good stuff! Market was really fun - seeing all the stitched models is so inspiring, motivating and mind bending! The first day I felt like my head was going to spin off and explode. By the second day, I began to be more accustomed to seeing so many beautiful things and by yesterday, I was tired enough to just look forward to coming home and getting all of you to come in and have the mind blowing experience for yourselves! Here are just a few highlights - I will work on the longer newsletter with lots of details as I have time this week (I'll make the time!).

Trunk Show in the Shop!
I brought home about 25 models from JBW Designs in my suitcase - they have really cute patterns for weddings, anniversaries, children's, seashore, etc, etc. We didn't even get everything set up this morning before the patterns were going out the door!

Coming Soon - Limited Edition Prairie Schooler Santa Kit $26.00 This is a special kit that Prairie Schooler did for the Columbus market. It is an addition to their regular Prairie Schooler Santa that comes out on the card every year. The 2005 Santa will come out in July but this kit will arrive soon. If you want to reserve one, email me back by Thursday and you'll get it next week. If you want to see what it looks like, send me an email and I'll forward a photo to you - I didn't know how to send it en masse.

I was able to bring home samples of new patterns and kits and threads that I ordered at market. We have them set up in the shop for your viewing pleasure - orders are on the way so we will allow you to look now and put your dibs on the orders that will be flowing in the next few weeks! I brought home merchandise from Bent Creek, Heart in Hand, Twisted Threads, Pine Mountain Designs, Just Another Button Co, Shepherd's Bush (in fact, I stitched two kits already!), Harbour Light Designs, Hooked on Rugs (punch needle patterns), and Gentle Art. I also brought back some cool wooden laying tools and lots of pictures of stuff that is coming soon! My personal treasure from market is a glass laying tool - it's a work of art and must be seen and felt to be appreciated.

That's it for now - come to the shop if you can!

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