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Friday Update plus a little more!

Sent: December 12, 2009

Hi Stitchers -


My computer locked up on me last night while I was putting the new items on the website and rather than staying late, I left it ‘til this morning.  I came in a little earlier than usual this morning, enjoyed a stress free cup of java, holiday music and the normal ease of updating the website. I even added a few more photos to the Framing Gallery. Then the store opened and I’ve been bustling around helping customers – my favorite part of the shop!


We’ve had lots of people signing up to join our Stitch-A-Long for next year and it’s fun to see what people are challenging themselves to do. If you’re still considering registering yourself, don’t hesitate a moment further – just send us an email to request the registration form. You have until Jan 1st to register. Let us know if you have any questions.


With the terrific response we’re getting, we’ve decided to host a monthly SAL Stitch-In on the first Friday of every month from 9am to noon in the shop. It’ll be a fun morning of stitching and comparing projects with other people in the SAL group. If you’re too far away to come to the local SAL, gather a friend or too where you live and have your own monthly SAL group. I’ve already heard from a group in Missouri and another in Alabama that are planning to do this. One of the groups has three people committed to doing “And They Sinned”! Although it's a large project, I'm sure they will keep each other motivated!


I wanted to share a piece with you that I finished stitching this past week - I started it when I was in the car on vacation last month and completed it just in time to frame for the holidays this year! It was really fun to stitch and besides the happy feeling of finishing it, I had the euphoric feeling of not having to write instructions for it once I got the stitching done. I guess this falls under the category, "yes, I really am a needlepoint designer"! I've taken a break from publishing any patterns the last few months and have really enjoyed my extra stitching time! The design ideas are still flowing though so expect some fun stuff next year!


Two Gingerbread Cottages - From Nancy's Needle

Pattern (includes buttons) - $22

Complete kit with pattern, canvas, and threads $49.95


I've decided to teach a Holiday Series of classes next year and Two Gingerbread Cottages will be the first. Although I'm calling it a holiday series, you do not have to sign up for the series - each class will be offered separately. There will be a variety of techniques and holidays but each class will be a small design that can be completed quickly in plenty of time for the featured "holiday". Although I love stitching for holidays and having stitchery in my decor, I don't enjoy stitching under deadlines or pressure. Since Christmas is December 25th in 2010 (you're not surprised about this, are you?!), stitching the Gingerbread Cottages in January and February is perfect timing for having something done on time for next year. The class will be a one session class and is offered on Thursday, Jan 21st or Sat, Jan 23rd from 9:30-11:30am.  $10 plus supplies. The design size is 4x8 on 18ct canvas and is a perfect piece for those who've never done counted needlepoint. Please sign up by Jan 9th.


I've got a "Weekend Special" for you! Browse the online catalog at www.yarntree.com and get a discount for placing an order with me (do not order through their website!) this weekend. Yarn Tree is one of the distributors I regularly order from and they have a warehouse full of stitcher's delights - prefinished items like bookmarks, towels, afghans, paperweights, bibs, etc, etc. They also have fabrics, flosses, tote bags, accessories (jewelry and bling for your stitching friends), and much much more. You can also print off a DMC to Anchor conversion chart or (Anchor to DMC) here and there are lots of other useful stitching tips on their website.


Order one item and get 10% off, two items 15% off, and three or more items 20% off. Order over $50 to get free S&H (in the US). Place your order by emailing me at kathy@needledelights and put "Weekend Special" in the subject line. Please list the name of the item and the "model number". Although I won't be in the shop to answer the telephone, I'll work from home Monday morning to get your orders done. Orders placed should arrive in the shop by Friday, Dec 18th (unless we already have the item in stock - we'll let you know on Tuesday!). I'll check emails tomorrow and respond to any questions you have.


Here are direct links to some of my favorite "Stitching Tools" - in no particular order:


PetiteNeedles - most of my regular customers know I only use petite needles for cross stitching. The shorter length makes it easier to use the "sewing method" on linen and I've heard others appreciate them because they save thread.


HiLighters - Special stitcher's highlighters, these mark your spot without the fear of ink running!


ScissorBlock - I have one of these sitting on the table in my stitching spot to hold several pair of my favorite scissors.


Scissors - they're like shoes, you can never have too many! Me, I'm a Gingher Girl, although I do like my folding scissors too! I keep a pair in my purse at all times and they do go through airline security without any problems. I've probably taken them a half dozen times now - the first time I forgot I had them!


MagnetBoards - I could not live without one, especially on the larger projects! The folding stand is nice too.

CloverThreadCutter - this is the greatest tool to take on the airplane to cut your threads. Although the airlines aren't as strict about scissors now, I'm still not willing to risk losing my Ginghers!


ThreadStraightener - If you use rayon or metallic threads, this is one of those things you don't know you need until you try it. Especially wonderful for getting the kinks out of Neon Rays and the tight circles out of Kreinik metallic as it comes off the spool.


NeedleMarksBookmarks - not really a stitching tool but a very pretty bookmark!



I'll let you browse for more! It's time to close the shop for today - I'm off to wrap presents and then stitch the evening away. I'm trying to finish up another project so I can start my SAL!


Don't forget to let your loved ones, neighbors, friends, anyone who might want to get you a holiday gift, we sell Gift Certificates in any amount and are happy to take a credit card over the phone and mail them. We've been selling lots of them and I have to be careful to not ruin any surprises! If you want to send me a WishList of what you'd like, we're happy to keep it on file in case anyone comes in or you send someone in to shop for you. Just send us an email with "WishList" in the subject line.


That's it for this week - here are the links to the NewThisWeek and the FramingGallery.


Happy Stitching!


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