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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: December 15, 2009

Hi Stitchers -
Only ten days until Christmas - I hope you aren't thinking aaaagggghhhhhh. Here at Needle Delights, we're planning things for next year and as long as I don't think about the fact of it being just two weeks away, I'm completely relaxed!
As this is the time of year we try to not build up our inventory (it takes too long to count it and we'd rather be counting stitches!), we're not ordering too much. However, I am starting to get some fun stuff in my mailbox about "New for 2010". Today I received a newsletter from Pine Mountain Designs with their January offerings. There are two darling kits available and I will be getting these in around the first of the month. I've posted details in the ComingSoon section of the E-Store and you can order there or just send me an email. Either of these series would be a great Stitch-A-Long project and easy to complete each month! I also offered a special deal of receiving the 12th kit free if you sign up for the Automatic of either one. Sign up for both sets and I'll give you the pillow form for the Tie One On series for only $6  (regularly $12).
I've also heard from Lizzie Kate about the next Flip-It Series. Although we don't have any photos yet, here's what I know so far (repeated straight from their email to me!): 
SNEAK PEEK news for 2010…L*K is going GREEN!  GREEN Flips will be the new Flip-it series for the first part of 2010.  We've been planning this series for awhile and tweaking all of our sayings and motifs.  Now it’s designed and stitched and we’re GREEN with excitement!!! 
The GREEN Flip series will have 6 parts, and the first 3 parts will be available early in 2010. Each environmentally friendly design will be embellished with a small hand-dyed yellow flower button – very fun!  We will have a FREE BORDER available to download from our website and we'll also include it with auto-ships and orders.  The border will tie all 6 designs together with a lovely saying.
We've shown this design to some of our younger stitchers and they are SO excited!  This theme really speaks to the younger crowd, and it also appeals to us “mature” stitchers as well.  We hope this will be an opportunity to reach out to stitchers of all ages!  We'll have all the models at Nashville, as well as a freebie with a green theme shown on a cool reusable lunch tote from Adam Original. GREEN is beautiful!

The best news (in my opinion) is NEW colors of Watercolours will be released at the Winter TNNA Tradeshow next month. When I heard this news, I felt like I did when I was about 5 waiting for Santa to come, thinking it seemed like forever. The anticipation of "about 20 colors" is soooo EXCITING to my designer self! When you add the fabulous new COLORS of canvas Zweigart has introduced...Well, let's just say I think I'll be having some fun designing real soon!
If you see anything cool on the internet you think I need to know about, feel free to email me. I'm always happy to hear from you.
Just a reminder about Holiday Hours for the shop - we're mostly OPEN except for Thursday & Friday, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We'll also close early for Inventory on Thursday, Dec 31st. Friday, Jan 1st we'll be open during our Stitch-A-Long from 1-5 pm - don't forget to call and register if you plan to attend - space is limited.
Happy, happy -

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