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Friday Update

Sent: January 15, 2010

Hi Stitchers –
First, let me say welcome to all the people who are new to our emails this week. I had the wonderful opportunity to go up to the Callaway Garden School of Needlearts earlier this week and meet a lot of great ladies, offer my patterns for sale, see a fabulous exhibit of needleart and be reminded once more of how much I love needlework and the people who do it. I am so blessed to be able to work with something I love so much and to be able to share it with all of you who read these weekly emails.
Now, to what’s new this week! Finally, it’s not so cold and we’re receiving daily shipments of new stuff and supplies into the shop. We hope to see you soon too!
We received the first of the Just Nan Humbug Collection. It is a series of 4 seasonal Humbugs with Pin. A humbug is a four-sided little piece -- complete with stitching all around, The name 'Humbug' refers to the English name for a hard candy that is shaped like a little pyramid. These look like fun and the kit includes finishing instructions.
The first is Winter Hearts and it comes with a Snowflake Pin which is really pretty. Future humbugs will be released in April, June, and August. We ordered a few extra so you still have time to sign up for the Series.
We have three new series of kits from Mill Hill this week – check them out on the new page and let us know what you want! There’s a new series from Mill Hill based on Sticks' artwork. Sticks was started by Sarah Grant in 1992 in Iowa. They have a distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art and each piece is handcrafted. These are a little larger than the bead & button kits and I’d consider stitching them on fabric if you don’t like perforated paper or want to make a pillow. The pin style kits offer a darling flamingo, a cute finch (I love their birds!), fun “shades” and a lucky four leaf clover. They’ve put magnets in these kits – what fun to stick on your frig and great for gifts year round. The bead & button kits offer us a conch shell and a nautilus, both on pale blue ‘painted’ perforated paper; they’d make a great set. Another cute set is the handbag and high heels. There’s also a hydrangea wreath and an Ice Cream Shoppe which is sure to sell quickly!
Also in the new listing are the patterns we’ve received in the shop this week.  Here are your links to the new stuff on the website.
CallawayGardensExhibit - this is a link to Gay Ann Rogers website and the page where she posted photos of my Galaxy and my mom's Winter Scene that won a judge's ribbon! There are lots of photos posted here to give you a flavor of Callaway Gardens School of Needleart. I've already registered to attend a couple of classes next year (it's always in January).
Hope to see lots of you in the shop tomorrow! I've been seeing some completed January Stitch-A-Longs! How are you doing?!

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