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Friday Update - Snow in Pensacola!!

Sent: February 12, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
I'm excited to report that we saw snow falling outside our window for about ten minutes this afternoon - not just a flake or two but real snow like I've seen up north! Since this is such a rare event in Pensacola, Florida, all work came to a screeching halt while we just watched! I know many of you are laughing hysterically or rolling your eyes but it really was exciting for us! We're hoping for more later!
I have managed to update the website - check it out at NewThisWeek.
Also, here's a link to a quick newsletter I did of previews for the Nashville show next weekend.
NashvillePreview. Let us know if you'd like to pre-order anything.
It's time to sign up for the next Stitch-In. March 13th from 4-midnight. $5.00 reserves your space. This time we'll be having a cold cut tray to make your own sandwich and having everyone bring salads - it seems to be what the group is really enjoying.
We're OPEN tomorrow, Feb 13th - we don't go to Nashville until next Friday, Feb 20th - come see what we already have new in the shop. With all the winter white weather everywhere, there seems to be a whole lot of stitching going on!
Hope to see you all soon!

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