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Friday Update Part 1

Sent: February 26, 2010

Hi Stitchers –


I’m coming up for air long enough to share some of my favorites from market with you. I indulged myself by coming in early this morning to “shop the market tables”. I chose 12 of my favorites (I had to limit myself!) to stitch, pretending that I had no restrictions on my stitching time due to work, life, designing, etc, etc. I always do this at market but didn’t have time this year because of exhibiting, which is a whole other story for another day – it was fabulous. Anyway, I digress…back to my favorites. These are my personal favorites. Of course there is ton more we brought back and I will be posting all day today while I can. I will send out another update when the website is updated. In no particular order:



This chart is the first of a series of charts created to honor and remember Kris Stott of Norden Crafts. She was a great friend and mentor to many of us in the needlework industry and touched all of us more than we even knew. She has been gone almost a year but will never be forgotten. Designers were asked to submit a design in tribute and so many were submitted that a series was created instead of a single design. Proceeds from the sale of this chart will be contributed to select animal organizations for the care and adoption of homeless pets; a cause near and dear to Kris’s heart.

Kris’s Stitches: From the Heart – pattern $7.00




This adorable stuffed bunny just tickled me fancy – not words I usually use but she was just darling! My neice Lindsey (age 2) loves rabbits and this would be darling in her Easter Basket. Miss Lapin from With Thy Needle & Thread – Pattern $9.00


Continuing with the rabbit theme, this darling kit got me because it includes the child’s enamel cup in the photograph. I scooped up all they had left because I thought it was a perfect baby gift. Kit A Bunny for Baby includes chart, linen, floss, buttons, finishing instructions and the cup! $24.95



We actually picked up these “Buddy Cases” at the market last fall but I never got them on the website because we took them to the Retreat and they sold out so quickly. I stocked up on them early at Nashville and managed to get most of the colors available. In this photo are two NEW colors – black and red. Made of leather with two sides (one is magnetic) and a divider, these will fly out of the shop like hotcakes. $15.95 other colors are peacock (dark teal), turquoise (light), lime, eggplant, and hot pink. They come in a box and are a wonderful gift.


A new color of scissor from Kelmscott – it’s “Chocolate” which I love because I’m working on a couple of chocolatey needlepoint designs.


Most people who know my stitching habits know I’m a sucker for alphabets and these really got my heart going. It’s a new series from “Little by Little” and I can’t wait to open up the charts when I get home tonight to see what I might want to create with these – in person they were just darling and they had them finished in multiple ways. Each chart is $8.00



This is just fun – and may give you a clue as to what’s happening in my head at times – lots of stuff floating around! Of course I love the color of the fabric – lime green! The design is from Amy Bruecken. Chart $8.00 Buttons $6.95


 This was stunning in person and besides being a great allover piece, the motifs could be done individually for lots of projects! From Keslyn’s  Itty-Bitty’s chart $12.00


I keep wanting to get back to my embroidery roots but it never happens. We did pick up a number of patterns from Kathy Schmitz who was just delightful. If you’re wanting to embroider, be sure to check out all her patterns on the website later – I bought a bunch! Greatest Joy $8.00 (verse reads: in the little things, there is the greatest joy)


I kept telling myself “no more Hawk Run, no more Hawk Run” but when I saw it, I LOVED it so much, I couldn’t help myself. It’s in my stash now and forever more and I’m even ordering the silks for myself! From Carriage House Samplings, Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow – pattern $36.00 (You can order the chart and silks for $199 through this weekend).


Something about this just spoke to me – I love it – probably the “Live Laugh Love” along with all the pleasing elements placed just perfectly. Of course the alphabets and numbers are wonderful and I might just have to stitch this one sooner rather than later. From primitivebettys, Live Laugh Love Sampler – Chart $10


Last but not least, this is definitely one for the stash for me as I don’t have nearly enough time to do everything I’d like to do. I’m so fortunate in life to have it be so full of things I love so much.  This sampler is full of great motifs and it was gorgeous in person. Chart $29.50 Stitchcount: 363x355


I'm going back to the scanner now! I'll let you know when the e-store is updated. It has started...


























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