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Friday Update

Sent: March 12, 2010

Hi Stitchers –
The website is updated with just a few new things this week – we’ve been having fun this week with lots of out of town visitors and spring breakers are starting to appear. We’ve heard the birds chirping and personally, I am so happy to be “not cold or hot” and not having to wear so many layers of clothes!
Here’s the new this week – Click NewThisWeek
The Framing/Finishing Gallery is updated again (it's a never ending process!) and Tonia has a lot of work in there right now so we’ll have a lot more to show later this month. Click FramingGallery
For those of you interested in Counted Canvas, my mother (Jeanette Rees of Jemini Designs) and I have designed a piece together and will be teaching it at a special Retreat next year. Our working title is "Duality" - we may come up with something better later! We’ve booked a hotel at Pensacola Beach for the weekend of Jan 28-30, 2011 and will be offering this piece only for Retreat Attendees. The brochure for the Retreat will be out soon with all the details but I wanted those of you who might be interested to Save the Date and start thinking about coming to Pensacola to take a class with us and spend some time relaxing at the beach. Of course, there will be  a field trip to the shop and probably some personal shopping time! Registration will begin April 1st (and that’s no April Fool’s joke!). Here’s a sneak peek at a very small portion of the design – this is part of mom’s piece and I’m stitching it in another colorway.
Another thing to look forward to at the END of next year is a possible class with Carolyn Mitchell. I was delighted to have her visit my shop a few weeks ago – she sold her shop in Canada last year and has been traveling with her husband. Anyway, she showed me some of her teaching pieces, I bought some of her newer patterns, and we had a grand time comparing designer notes. It was really a privilege to meet her and I share this photo of the two of us while she was here. She wasn’t keen on having her photo taken until I agreed to be in it with her and her display of ornaments (I brought them home from Nashville for her!). This set is called “Medieval Moments”. As I write this, I realize I’ve not put these up in the E-Store – I’ll do it later because it’s time for the weekend! Here’s a link to her website http://www.mrstwitchett.mb.ca/designs/index.htm. We have most of her patterns in stock right now so email me if you’d like us to send you anything. Be sure to click on Classes & Seminars to see the pieces she teaches. I’m considering “My Way” at this point – I love the title!
I'm on the left and Carolyn is on the right - notice the Floridian in long sleeves and scarf and the Canadian in short sleeves!
Until later – keep stitching!

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