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Friday Update

Sent: April 9, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
TGIF - we're having fabulous spring weather here in NW Florida and I can only wish you the same good fortune wherever you are! 
It'll be quick today because I'm running late...
New in the Shop - NewintheShop
We got the third "Anniversaries from the Heart" from Blackbird and I'm dying to stitch it on my large piece of linen but alas, I'm working on deadline for the Online Show next week and here is a sneek peek at my next Edible - "Strawberry Shortcake". I'm done designing but the stitching isn't quite so quick! I'm enjoying it though and love having the "deadline excuse" to stay up late stitching.
It'll be square (there is one more "row" at the top - hopefully I'll finish stitching over the weekend and will send out a special notice for people to pre-order. I have several more but no time to scan them right now...
My next Color Delights will be Bubblegum and will also be new for the Show.
Definitely have been feeling in the Pink the last few weeks! 
Hope you're enjoying Spring! Take the stitching outside...

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