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Summer News 2005

Sent: June 23, 2005

Dear Stitchers:

I have returned from the Columbus Needlework market— I found lots of wonderful treasures and we will be keeping the UPS man busy in the next few weeks and months! As usual, my mind is spinning with all the new things I saw and learned about. I’m excited about some new techniques that will be coming into the shop soon and hope that you will like them as much as I did.
We already have a trunk show set up in the shop of JBW Designs. They have adorable designs that will become lifetime heirlooms and mementos in your loved ones lives. Try and get into the shop before the end of June to take a look. It’s really a treat to have more than 20 models from the same designer. We also have the embellishments and pillows to go along with the charts.
We have another trunk show set up for your viewing pleasure. I know you will love seeing all the models (32 of them!) from Lizzie Kate. They’ll be here until July 15th.
Our calendar for July & August is full of classes—see the descriptions later in this newsletter. We’re also starting to prepare for our annual Holiday Open House in August. This year the dates will be August 25-27.
We have “free stitching” every week at the shop. Please join us Wednesday mornings from 10-12 (bring a brown bag and stay for lunch, if you’d like) and/or on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8:30. This is YOUR time to stitch on whatever you would like. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of our shop family and to take some time for yourself away from the phone, computer, and daily grind of life as we know it in the 21st century! I personally had a wonderful time in Columbus away from the phone & computer. I was able to finish two of my ornaments for the Monthly Needlepoint Ornament Club, stitch up two of the new Shepherds Bush kits I picked up at Sample Spree, and finish two (yes, very small!) punch needle projects. It felt wonderful to sit and stitch in the evenings!
Come and see us soon!
Happy Stitching,

Dates to Remember:
All Night Stitch - Sat, June 25th, Sept 17th
Lizzie Kate Truck Show—July 1-16
Kids Cross Stitch Camp—July 2005
Holiday Open House—August 25th-27th
Petei Needlepoint Trunk Show Sept 2005

The calendar on the website is always up to date. Check it for additional events as they are scheduled.


As always, I come home from market brimming with ideas, new designs, techniques and gadgets. Be sure to come into the shop soon to see all the new things arriving daily. Yesterday alone the brown man (UPS) brought us 7 boxes!

Here are a few highlights:
New cross stitch designer Knotted Tree has cute whimsical patterns...Just Another Button Co has great new buttons—flip flops, a shepherd, flowers, birds, patriotic sam, school stuff, and more. My favorite thing from them is “flip flop days”. The chart is free with the purchase of the buttons...Shepherd’s Bush has kits coming out soon. The Stockings $30, Busy Sheep Kit $14.95 and Spooky Spots $40. Also new are four kits that are quick to stich on 10 ct tula. I stitched two of them (Families are Forever, an My Sister, My Friend) while I was in Columbus! $12.95 ea
Charland has new sterling silver charms and I couldn’t resist ordering myself a bracelet filled with different stars. Gingher has new limited edition of scissors called “Sophia” - they have red handles with a blue floral—very pretty...New Cross Stitch & Beading pattern books from Australia—these are like magazines with multiple projects and are really fun to look at. There’s one for Christmas, for seashore, wild animals, etc...Ewe & Eye & Friends charts are available again and several new designs just arrived...Just Nan has great new stuff coming next month—lots of Halloween, Christmas, and floral and a line of ornament frames to go with all. There is also a new stocking that is absolutely adorable!...From Teresa Layman Designs are Fine Miniature Knotted Rug Kit Designs. These fabulous designs are done completely in french and colonial knots with one of floss. You have to see them to appreciate them and I can see a class called “Knots” in the fall! Even if you can’t do a French knot now or if you hate them, these may inspire you to “get over it”! I’m dying for my order to come to start one of them. I have a catalog in the shop but Teresa is so new, she doesn’t have a website yet. Painted Needlepoint Canvases are arriving in the shop—I found some great seashore canvases as well as some holiday, flip flops, and more that I can’t remember now! You have to see them in person anyway!


Our keytag program started out great. We’ve had more than 75 people turn in their punched tags to get their free $16 in shop merchandise. We also added a feature to our keytag program. When you turn in your fully punched keytag, it goes into a monthly drawing. At the end of April, Cheryl Quinn was the lucky recipient of a $25 gift certificate. At the end of May, Anne Gajda (of Ypsilanti, MI) was the lucky winner of a bag of new DMC linen floss and a pattern of her choice. We will give away something different each month. Be sure to bring your keytags in each time you make a purchase.
At the end of June, we will give away a basket of items that Kathy collected at market—some things are not even available for sale! Be sure to redeem a punched tag before the end of the month to be entered in this month’s drawing!
If you have any questions about this program, please let us know. Long distance customers can purchase keytags and we keep them on file.


Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colors all have new threads; Crescent Colors now has a line of overdyed pearl size #5
I’ve added a new line to our shop—mom has always raved about Sprinkles from Renaissance and now we’ll have this line of metallic threads—they are softer than most metallics.
Rainbow Gallery has new lines—Treasure Braid 12 (equivalent to Kreinik’s #12 Braid), Mandarin Floss (it’s 100% bamboo! But very soft) and Fluffy Fleece (to couch for beards & sheep & whatever else you can think of)


Daylight now has a Needlework Up-Light. It is a lamp that sits on your lap and is designed to help you locate the point of your needle under a dark fabric. It will allow you to work on fabrics that you never would have previously attempted. Navy blue and black fabrics, here I come! $72.95 Tapestry Tweens are new tapestry needles in sizes 21, 23, and 25. When a size 24 needle is too big and a size 26 is too small, you can now use a size 25! These needles have a longer eye and are slimmer than regular needles. $2.95/package Visualmate II is a new lighted magnifier that you wear around your neck. It is lighter weight than the original and a little sleeker, making it more comfortable to use. $75.00 Glass Laying Tools from Stitch Elegance are absolutely beautiful one of a kind pieces of art. $105.00 includes a lifetime, no fault repair warranty. This was my personal treasure from market. You can view them at www.stitchelegance.com

New Stitch Books
Stitches to Go—This little book is a compact version of Stitches for Effect, More Stitches for Effect and Even More Stitches for Effect. Includes all the stitches from the above without all the wording. A must have for your stitching bag, especially if you’re traveling. $22
Creative Canvas Couching-145 pages from Ann Strite-Kurz; it's a study of comtemporary uses of couching techniques. Lots of pictures & patterns. Book comes with a CD to download everything in color! $42
Wonderful Stitches-320 Decorative Stitches for Needlepoint—this is the best stitch book I’ve seen in a long time. Tons of color pictures, samples, and great text. $45
Needlepoint 101– Guide to Painted Canvas from Ruth Dilts. This is a “takealong” book to help you look at any painted canvas and decide which basic stitches & threads to use. Includes lots of tips and hints. $17
Needlework Tips for the Novice and Expert– Sandy Rodgers- A manual of proven methods to improve your needlework. Not a new book but new to our shop $39.95

Cross Stitch Delights
Lots of new cross stitch titles in the shop! We’ll list just a few…
Bent Creek—Stars & Stripes Forever (a row pattern with great buttons, Snapperville Homestead
Cricket Collection– Works of the Heart I, Works of the Heart II
Dimensions—Halloween Fun
Dimples—Ladybug Collection, Bee Collection
Elizabeth’s Designs—Autumn Harvest, Honey Bee House
Fanci That—Summer Parade (again, great buttons!)
Glory Be—Bon Bini, Dinner Choices (Take It, Leave It)
Heart in Hand—Pocket Sampler: Dad, Blackbird Sampler, Cat Sampler
Imaginating– Welcome Baby, Velcome, Bats & Witches, Honor Mom & Dad
Jeanette Crews—Wedding Memories, Gourmet Garden, Thread Bear Teddies
La-D-Da—Act Justly (Framer John already stitched this for me!), Daily Bread, Softly Walk, Rain Rain
Lavender & Lace—Celtic Winter
M Designs—Dream Tree Ornament, Summer by the Shore
Mirabilia—Fairy Roses
Mystic Stitch—Mya
Passione Ricamo– Garden Elegance
Prairie Moon—Ghoul Train, Angel Train (both very cool spot type samplers; different)
Raise the Roof—Helga Hag’s Beauty Bag, Sam’s Socks, Shorts-n-Such, Spooky Fence, Jinx
Sampler Girl– Entertaining Angels, Lucy’s Pocket, Beggar’s Purse
Samsarah-Yankee Doodle Doo, Bee Line, Shop, Six Stockings
Shepherd’s Bush– Bees Buzzing, Home
Trilogy—Seaology, Cat Treat, Eekology, Pumpkin Pete
Twisted Threads—Whisk, Tea, Mini Gingham-Aug & Sept, Barbecue Sauce (comes in a kit with the recipe and canning jar—great gift for the man in your life that likes to barbecue)
Lord of the Rings now in cross stitch. Arwen Before Battle, Gandalf Fights Back, and Legolas Ready for Battle $34.95 each
Birds of a Feather had new needlepoint canvases but not cross stitch. Many of you are waiting for the fourth “French Girl” to come and I got to see the needlepoint canvas and bring home a photo. She is a cute redhead wearing a sweater and pleated plaid skirt holding a basket of apples with pumpkins in the background. Let me know if you want to reserve L’Automne!

We have our ongoing monthly Needlepoint Ornament Clubs, our year long Mystery Sampler, and are going to be adding a few more monthly clubs for you to consider. There will be a Fabric of the Month Club from R&R fabrics (overdyed fabrics), a Stitcher Surprise series, 12 Days of Christmas needlepoint ornaments (painted canvases), and a few other things that are brewing in my mind (could be dangerous!!). I’m not ready to print details but wanted to let you know what’s coming in the future. If there’s something you’d like to “collect” monthly (ie threads, fabrics, certain designers, stitch ideas, etc), let me know. You might be the first member of the most popular club we do!

Get your name on the list now for the following:

Prairie Schooler Santa - coming July
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine—due out in Sept; Jeanette’s ornament this year is Pierre Noel (he’s a pelican and I do have a photo in the shop if you’d like a real sneak peek!)

To reserve the PS Santa 2005, send us an email with the subject line PS Santa 2005.
To reserve the Ornament Magazine, send an email with the subject line Ornament Magazine.

We’ll put one aside for you as soon as they come in an promptly notify you. If you want it mailed to you, please let us know in the body of your email. Thanks!

Russian Punchneedle is hot! There were tons of new designs in Columbus and many ideas of what to do with your finished project (besides framing). There is an adorable Christmas pattern with Designers are also starting to combine punchneedle with cross stitch and wool appliqué. We’ve got lots of new patterns in the shop from a lot of different designers now. They have also come out with a new line of hoops that hold your fabric better and come in larger sizes (up to 17 inches). Now larger designs can be done more easily. Come in and see what’s new in this area.– one of my favorite new patterns are Holiday Sacks from Plum Pudding Needleart—great little pieces to hang on your tree or hold a little greenery or even cash! One says Noel and the other has a snowman holding a candy cane.
If you haven’t learned this quick, easy, fun technique, sign up for a class—I’ve scheduled at least one a month through the summer. Please sign up as early as possible to insure that we have all the supplies needed!

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