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Friday Update

Sent: April 16, 2010

Hi Stitchers -


This is one tired shopowner writing to you today. We haven't had much new in the shop this week but look out next week - I've been ordering and will order lots more the first of next week. I hope you've had time to view the Online Show - I have not but hope to in the next 24 hours. For those of you who've already placed orders with us, thank you.


You've still got a couple of days to look through the show - here's the link to the show http://needleshow.com/. Note that "General Viewing" closes Sunday at midnight so you'll want to get there to take a look before then. You have until noon on Monday to email me with your orders. Refer to Tuesday's email (under "Newsletters" in the menu on the website) for more info or send me an email with any questions.


For the Canvas work fans, don't forget the deadline to order my new pieces "Arabia" & "Strawberry Shortcake" at the special introductory kit prices of $69.95 ea is Tuesday, April 20th. The regular prices will go into effect then.


Arabia - 6th in the Destinations Collection


Strawberry Shortcake - 7th in the "Edibles Collection"


I have updated the Frame Gallery - when you go through it, you'll notice a number of Mill Hill Bead & Button kits we've done as shop models are complete. This is a signal that Tonia is all caught up - she's had time to do the shop's pieces, meaning she's ready for whatever you've got to bring in! See the recent treasures at FramingGallery.


Tonia & I had a surprise visit from Barb & Alma (Blackbird Designs) on Wednesday. It was such fun visiting with them and I was pleased to show them Anniversaries of the Heart I'm stitching on the 20ct linen. They loved it (Alma used the word "stunning"! and asked me if I'd send them a photos of it as I'm stitching on it. I think they'll be posting about it on their blog next week too when they get home from their beach trip. In the meantime here is a photo of mine with the first two months almost done. I've actually got a lot of the third pattern done now too but took this photo a couple of days ago. Stay tuned - maybe next Friday I'll be able to show more! Their visit certainly inspired me to work on it!



That's all I've got for today - tonight I'm planning to "stitch my stress away"...




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