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Tuesday Tidbits

Sent: April 28, 2010

Hi Stitchers -
Welcome to all the new subscribers! A number of you have found us through the Blackbird Designs blog over the last week. If you're not one of these people and you're wondering what I'm talking about, click BlackbirdBlog to visit them. We had a great time when they visited the shop a couple of weeks ago and it's been fun connecting with some of their readers this past week.
Typically on Tuesday, I write an article for the readers of our email newsletters but I'm between subjects at the moment and don't have anything interesting or exciting to share with you....YET!! There are some things I just am not allowed to talk about at the moment and some things I'm in the middle of working on for later this spring and summer. In the meantime, I invite you to visit the "Articles" section of the website - you can get there anytime by clicking on Articles in the Menu on the home page of the website. There's lots of information and some fun stuff there. If you have a suggestion for a topic Tuesday Tidbits, send them in - some of the best articles start with suggestions or questions from you, the reader!
For those of you interested in the Color of the Month Thread Club and the Color Delights series of mine, it will continue (in June). You may have guessed with the release of "Bubblegum" I wasn't stopping at 12! This series will continue indefinitely and I am working on some border designs to combine multiple patterns into larger pieces - stay tuned.
Springtime brings "new" and "fresh" to mind for me and I seem to be most productive (in ideas anyway!) during this time. It makes focusing on things at work, in the shop, more of a challenge for me because all I want to do is design and play with threads and canvas. Like all the other worker bees in the world though, I'm still working every day and squeezing in my designing on the weekends and evenings.
That's it for this Tuesday - I skipped last week and didn't want to leave you diehard readers wondering if you'd fallen off the mailing list. I have a huge stack of stuff to be scanned for "What's New" on Friday so be on the lookout for the Friday update - I may have to start working on it on Thursday!

Until then, keep the needles moving!

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