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Complete Friday Update!

Sent: May 1, 2010

Hi Stitchers -

The Friday Update is now complete for the week ending April 30th! We sure were busy this week with lots of the online show orders coming in and many visitors to the shop. Our work never seems to end but we sure do enjoy seeing everyone and taking your calls & orders. It's what allows us to keep the shop open. We know you have a choice where to shop and we appreciate you choosing us!
Here are the links again -  

I thought you might like to see my progress on the Blackbird "Anniversaries of the Heart" I'm doing on the 20ct Cappuccino linen - I had to get some more thread to finish up the third design but took a photo - I sure hope I left the right amount of space between #2 & #4 - I counted three times to leave room for one of the "Bonus Patterns" to come later this year.
and a closeup of March - I put my brother's name on it because he was born in March and the scrolly stuff in the top left corner is 1965 - the year of his birth. It's really fun personalizing this piece with family & friends "close to my heart" - by the way, the true color of the fabric is more like the picture below than above! As an aside, there's a great article on photographing your needlework in the current issue of Needlepoint Now - I skimmed it during lunch one day and have will definitely go back and study it in detail!
Here's a photo of my Mystery Needlepoint so far - it's really fun seeing the different colors! Some of my students have stitched more than I have but all the design work is done! The little shiny square is my magnet (just in case you're wondering!).
Tahiti version
Green/Teals version
There are more colorways but I don't have photos yet...
And here's a photo a customer sent of Blueberry Torte done in Greens - it looks great! I love it when people take the plunge and change colors! I love it even more when I get photos!

Until Tuesday...I'll be stitching - will you?!


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