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Friday Update

Sent: May 14, 2010

Happy Friday Stitchers -
Here's the link to the new this week - there's a lot!  NewThisWeek
This week's new arrivals as a group are quite eclectic and make my fingers itchy! There are some fabulous samplers I only wish I had some free time to tackle. Packages arrived from England and France making me wish I could go where they came from. The latest pattern in the Anniversaries of the Heart series from Blackbird came today; four new quick to stitch patterns from Waxing Moon with some great sayings (I love the Frugal Samplers which remind me that I'm rich in things far more important than money); samplers from Long Dog and Sampler Cove were splurges from the online show that I hope you'll think are as wonderful as I did; and there's more...
I've been experiencing Designing Frenzy this past week and only wish you could see what I see in my head - on 2nd thought, that may be a little too much. I wish even more that I could stitch half as fast as I can design it! I've fallen in complete lust with the new overdyed Vineyard Silk from Threadworx - it's a silk perle and is fabbbbuuuloussss!. Alas, there are only 20 colors. I used 12 of them in one project and will release an odd "Color Delights" pattern at the end of the month - here's a sneak peek of the finished piece. It's a little different than the others in the series as it includes all the colors and doesn't just focus on one color. It will be called Color Delights - Rainbow and not be included in the monthly "Color Delights" automatics. It's the same size as all the others - 4x4 but I had such a fun time doing it, I'm expanding on it and designing something along similar lines but larger and using all 20 colors in the collection along with some other silks. Complete details on this Rainbow Mystery project will be in the newsletter, which I have almost finished and hope to have in your hands the first of next week. If you think you may be interested in participating, send me an email with "Rainbow Mystery" in the subject line and I'll be sure to get the complete flyer to you.
That's it for this week - I'll update the Framing Gallery next week - I spent a lot of time over there today picking out mats and frames for some of my recent pieces as well as some for customers so you'll have a lot to see!
Happy Stitching!

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